How Much Does It Cost to Work with a Staffing Agency?

If you’ve never worked with a staffing agency before, you might be wondering, “How much is this going to cost me?”

It’s a great question to ask – and you’re going to like the answer.

Working with a staffing agency doesn’t cost you a thing!

We’ll break things down for you.

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How Staffing Agencies Make Their Money

Staffing agencies are hired by companies that may not have the time or resources to fill their open positions on their own.

The staffing agency is tasked with finding the right individuals to fill these full-time, contract, or part-time roles.

Finding their clients the right fit – and making sure the candidate is happy in the role – is a recruiter’s ultimate goal.

You see, recruiters get compensated for making successful placements.

The more success they have finding employers the right fit, the more opportunities they have for repeat business.

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Job Seekers Are Clients, Too

While businesses are the ones actually paying a staffing agency, a job seeker is still a client – and still just as important.

Think about it.

If job seekers didn’t trust recruiters to help them with their job searches, staffing agencies wouldn’t exist.

But a staffing agency is only as good as its reputation.

Finding job seekers the right fit is very important to their business, and their brand as a reliable and useful resource.

Why You Should Consider Working with a Staffing Agency

Depending on what your long-term goals or immediate needs are, partnering with a staffing agency could greatly benefit you.

Here’s how:

  • Staffing firms often have several positions available, increasing the odds of you finding a position that’s a fit for you.
  • Some businesses recruit exclusively through staffing firms. Partnering with one may be the only way of getting in front of certain hiring managers.
  • Staffing agencies work with companies across a wide array of industries.You might be able to work in a field that you’ve had an interest in, but never had the chance to try.
  • Staffing agencies can keep you steadily employed – especially if you are flexible in your expectations.

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